I’m sorry to mess you all around (especially Google – please don’t penalise me!) but I’ve moved my blogs to my website proper – find them here at stevebonner.com

The reasons are simple. My new website is a WordPress site, constructed using Divi – Elegant themes, so it made perfect sense to use the same platform. This one is still in existence because I’ve discovered I can build a whole site here in draft format, incognito if you will, rather than have a “Hello World” blank blog page before I’m ready for the site to go live. Very useful!

I’ve built two since the beginning of the year, both using Divi, and I have to say I’m chuffed to bits with it. There are downsides – the whole kit and kaboodle live on the cloud rather than my own computer (I’m a bit of a ludite) and of course it means diving into WordPress every now and then – in my opinion a loathsome experience. Still if you want a website give Divi a go. Worth it I promise. On a scale of one to ten to calculate the complexity of new software I rate Divi a three bottle only – choose your own poison – mines red wine and I don’t mind if I do.